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Cartel Revenant 160 Firmware 2017-09-24

Cartel Revenant 160 Firmware

  1. CrazyChef
    The Cartel Revenant 160w are also customizable with different start-up screens, lock screens, etc. Two official Cartel Mods start-up screens are available, made by our friend, DHPinoyDesigns.

    Here is the link to download the two different screens for your Cartel Revenant 160: "DOWNLOAD"


    The Cartel Revenant 160w has updates available using the USB. This page will show update notes as they are available.

    Instructions for Software Windows PC Installation:
    1. Download "Cartel_Mod_soft 20170331.rar"
    2. Once downloaded, extract .RAR using a folder extraction software. i.e. WinRAR or 7-Zip*.
    (We recommend using 7-Zip).
    3. Once extracted, install software using setup.exe located in (Cartel_Mod_soft 20170331\Revenant Mod soft 20170331\Revenant)
    4. Remove 18650 batteries from the Cartel Revenant 160
    5. Press and Hold fire button while inserting USB.
    6. Follow this link "PDF INSTRUCTIONS" for further instructions on how to update your firmware.