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Wire Profiles for DNA Mods. 2017-09-20

Seven different TC wire profiles and one for Power Mode

  1. Wingsfan0310
    Here's a zip file containing 7 different TC wire profile and one for Power Mode for your DNA mods. Each one also includes it's own custom screen for that particular wire. I'm also including the instructions for loading therm.

    To Load the Wire Profiles:
    1. Save the Profiles paying attention to where you saved them (I put mine in my Download folder)
    2. Hook up your mod and Click on Profile 1 in the General Tab of Escribe
    3. Click on Load Profile and navigate to where you saved them. Click on the Profile you want in #1, then Open
    4. Continue on through all 8 profiles, 1 at a time
    5. Click on Upload Settings to Device at the top of Escribe when finished to save the changes to your mod.